Why Choose Emerald City?

Our Greatest Asset Moving Your Greatest Asset

Your employees are your greatest asset. As your workspace grows and evolves, it’s important to keep workspace changes seamless and employees connected. Our goal is to take the hassles out of everything from local office furniture installation and commercial relocation to asset management programs and day to day facility and storage services.

The Emerald City Moving & Storage (ECMS) philosophy focuses on a commitment to a culture of Rapid Continuous Improvement (RCI). RCI is the way we approach continuously training and empowering our employees, our greatest asset, to proactively think about streamlined process improvement for:

Safety: Our Safety Mission is built on the simple core value – to halve the bad and double the good. Reduce work-related incidents by 50% each year and double the member safety awareness every year.

Efficiency: We incorporate LEAN Methodologies into our daily operations and are committed to a culture of RCI. The continuous process improvement leads to efficient projects, improved response time, and superior quality facility and storage services.

Value: Efficiency increases value and allows us to complete projects faster than industry standards – on time and on budget.

Emerald City Moving & Storage measures success by always exceeding expectations through our employees, our technology, and flawless execution. We do moving work – because work moves.

LEAN Methodologies

At Emerald City Moving & Storage our entire organization embraces a collaborative approach to process improvement. Leveraging LEAN Methodologies and Tools, we continuously strive to generate new efficiencies and process improvements.

These shared successes generate increased value, quality, service, and improved response time.

Rapid Continuous Improvements (RCI)

Emerald City Moving & Storage is committed to a culture of Rapid Continuous Improvement (RCI) and ongoing staff development.

We help companies through workspace transition and expansion with a trained eye for identifying quality, safety and process improvement with efficiency.

LEAN Methodologies and Rapid Continuous Improvements = figuring out how to do in 6 steps that which usually takes 8.

Safety Philosophy

Emerald City Moving & Storage Safety Philosophy is based on the belief that each member must embrace safety as a condition of hire and continued employment by:

  • Our number one priority is the safety of our members and our customers.
  • Work safely as a condition of hire and continued employment.
  • Successfully complete mandatory safety training.
  • Accept personal responsibility for every Member’s safety.
  • Be sure that all unsafe acts and conditions are eliminated or safeguarded.
  • Believe that work related injuries are preventable and therefore unacceptable.
  • Be aware and proactive through pre and post job-site assessments.

Management is responsible for ensuring that all Members work in a safe Environment and Company.

Technology Tools

Emerald City Moving & Storage continues to embrace the latest technology and tools to help our clients manage their facilities and budget more efficiently.

StatusTRAX is our virtual move tool revolutionizing the corporate moving industry and leading the way in project inventory management.

ServiceTRAX is our proprietary web-enabled work order management software that gives you complete project, work order and job status updates – from quotes to change orders and service history.

SnapTracker is our web based Asset Management solution that tracks and manages your assets from purchasing and deployment to refurbishing or disposal. You’ll always know which furniture you have available by:

  • Color and fabric choice
  • Item condition
  • Available quantities and location

Workspace Analysis

At Emerald City Moving & Storage we believe less is more and efficiency is value. Our ability to analyze Move, Add, Change (MAC) workspace flow allows us to significantly reduce the non-value added costs for fulfilling MAC work orders. Our analysis process is constantly measured, improved, and customized for your changing workspace.

Delivered Results

Emerald City Moving & Storage’s workspace analysis ultimately delivers strategies, recommendations, and tools to improve through:

  • Map of existing processes
  • Benchmark against Industry Best Practices
  • Develop cost reduction strategies
  • Analyze impact & effort

Our analysis findings deliver a 25% reduction of “non value” added costs while bringing you an increased understanding and visibility to ongoing process improvement for:

  • Move, Add & Change services
  • Asset management
  • Furniture reconfigurations
  • Day to Day moves
  • Conference room set-ups